Want to know more about what we envision for our community? Here are some high-level information about our project:   

  • NEIGHBOURHOOD: We have recently gotten land under contract in beautiful Bowness. Check out the News section to learn more. 

  • BUILD FORM: To allow us to build in an established neighbourhood, we will be an urban cohousing community, i.e. multi-family project rather than single-family homes or duplexes, with both homes for households with children (or those planning to have children) and some single-level ‘aging in place’ units. Right now, we don’t know much more than this. We are meeting with architects to get a sense of what we can build on the Bowness site.

  • PRICING: You can expect that homes will be market-priced for Calgary, especially when considering all of the wonderful shared amenities that cohousing offers. We are still working all of this out, however our current group can afford a range of $300,000 - $500,000.

  • RENTALS: At this time, we need neighbours who are able to buy a home in our community. Any rental or roommate possibilities won’t be posted for at least two years.

We love meeting new people that could be our neighbours! If you think cohousing *might* be for you, but you're not certain, that's okay. Reach out for a chat or come to one of our social events. Definitely sign up for our newsletter, where we share interesting tidbits about cohousing, and updates on our progress. 

Fun family video!

John brought a video camera to our fall pumpkin hunt, and put together a great short video about the benefits of cohousing for families. Check it out!

recent photos

We’re trying to get better at taking photos at all of our events. We’re usually too busy chatting and having fun! Here’s some recent photos. You can see more on our Flickr page.