Join our Meetings

Cohousing is a collaborative process! Becoming an Explorer is a low risk way to ‘try before you buy’. If you think cohousing might be for you, why not start coming to our meetings?

You can be involved in our discussions and decisions, and get a sense if you want to eventually live in cohousing, or be neighbours with us. Right now we are searching diligently for land, and getting our community ideals in place to be ‘ready to launch’ as soon as we find land.

In order to start coming to meetings, we’d like for you to:

  1. Meet us. Are we your kind of people? Come meet our group at one of our events, or send us an email to set up a chat over coffee.

  2. Become familiar with our website so that you understand the basics of our group and cohousing. Can you afford a home in our estimated price range?

  3. Start reading about cohousing in Creating Cohousing: Building Sustainable Communities by Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett. (Available at the Calgary Public Library, or order as an ebook or hard copy here. Our group also has copies that we’re willing to lend out!)

Explorers get paired with a community ‘buddy’ that will help you get up to speed on our project. Each household pays $100, which is credited to your home purchase if you decide to move forward. Both Explorer & Equity households pay $40/month which we use towards things like workshops, social events, marketing/website etc…

We’re pretty friendly people. :) Why not take a chance and see if cohousing is a good fit?

We can only do this together!