We are a Calgary cohousing community working to build:

An Old Fashioned NeighboUrhood

Cohousing is a community of private homes clustered around shared space, with a sustainable and people-oriented design


Private homes


Designed for spontaneous interactions


Support for families


Vibrant sense of community

  • Have you had a conversation with a neighbour lately?

  • Do you feel comfortable knocking at the house next door for an egg?

  • Do your kids have neighbourhood play dates, no coordination needed?

In a cohousing community, the answer to these questions is YES!

Welcome to our site! We’re 12 households (& growing!) who are planning, laughing, collaborating, sharing meals (and the occasional beer) while we co-create Calgary’s latest human-friendly cohousing community.

Cohousing combines private home ownership with access to extensive shared facilities in a sustainable and people-oriented design. We want to live in a dynamic neighbourhood where we know and trust our neighbours, while still having privacy in our own homes.

In cohousing, neighbours maintain independent incomes and lifestyles, while participating in a ‘sharing economy’ that enriches their lives. Each home has traditional amenities, including a private kitchen. The community has a ‘common house’, which may include a larger kitchen and dining area, and recreational spaces used for children’s play areas, yoga, music, woodworking etc…, as well as guest rooms. This space is used on a daily basis by many in the community, allowing homeowners to build a smaller home for themselves. Shared outdoor space includes gardens, open space and parking. Cohousing is designed by future residents via a participatory process, making it unique to anything being built in Calgary today.

Cohousing is a great way for our kids to grow up with a strong network of care, to play freely in a neighbourhood of all ages that celebrates their experiences and holds their best interests in mind. Cohousing neighbourhoods are designed for people-focused living, and facilitate a sharing culture. It creates an environment where everyone feels supported and respected at each stage of our life's journey.

mosaic village will be a thriving, caring, diverse, multigenerational community.


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Cohousing is an old-fashioned neighbourhood with a village mindset. No compromises are made to your privacy, and each home is fully finished, with the addition of extensive common amenities. The benefits to residents of any age, whether financial, environmental and social - are extensive!

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