Mosaic Village currently has 12 households working together to build a thriving, caring, diverse multigenerational cohousing community in Calgary. (We're having a lot of fun in the process too!) Our youngest villager is a toddler, and our oldest villager is in their mid-70’s. Our ideal neighbourhood has about 25 homes & we are hunting for the right piece of land. (Most of us are NW people, and our land search is in the NW, SW and a bit of the SE.)

Our plan is to include homes for families (likely townhouses so that we can afford to be closer to the city centre), as well as some single-level ‘aging in place’ units. If you join us, you can have a say in the neighbourhood we choose and the final design of our homes. Cohousing is a participatory process, where we all have a say in how our neighbourhood will be built! 

You can expect that homes will be market-priced for Calgary, however we are not planning for $700,000 in-fill homes. Our goal is to stay under $300,000 for smaller homes, and $500,000 for larger (family) homes to meet the budgets of current households. At this time, no one is planning to build a rental unit, and unfortunately this is not low-income housing.

We love meeting new people that could be our neighbours! If you think cohousing *might* be for you, but you're not certain, that's okay. Reach out for a chat, or come to one of our events. Definitely sign up for our newsletter, where we share interesting tidbits about cohousing, and update on our progress. 

Fun family video!

John brought a video camera to our recent pumpkin hunt, and put together a great short video about the benefits of cohousing for families. Check it out!

recent photos

We’re trying to get better at taking photos at all of our events. We’re usually too busy chatting and having fun! Here’s some recent photos. You can see more on our Flickr page.